Issue: Spring 2024

Following a recommendation from district presidents, the NBMS made the decision to transition away from the annual President’s Tours in 2024. In their place, a series of five Regional Forums focused on engagement, learning and the identification of regional and subregional issues have been introduced.

The forums are being held in person, over two days (Friday PM and Saturday AM). The discussions are economic in nature, touching on the transformation of primary care and the health and well-being of members. They are also an opportunity to provide an update on the ongoing NBMS governance review. The weekend features presentations from NBMS leadership, ample time for member questions and discussion, and opportunities to socialize with colleagues. Three accredited sessions are offered over the two days:

Economics and Negotiations Consultation Session

John Maher, Chief of Negotiations and Physician Compensation and René Boudreau, Chief Executive Officer, NBMS

The Canadian health care system has entered a significant cycle of transformation, punctuated by health human resource shortages, unprecedented wait times for surgery, imaging, lab results, cancer treatments, a growing number of patients without access to a family physician, and fundamental concerns about other basic insured health services. Several other Canadian jurisdictions have reached significant agreements over the last year and a half, as they respond with major investments to their health care systems. This session will examine what has been accomplished under the 2020-25 Master Agreement, what we can learn from other jurisdictions who have initiated innovative and transformative change in recent agreements, and to solicit feedback from members on priorities, as we prepare for negotiations.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the session members will be able to:

  • Recall recent economic changes and financial proposals resulting from the 2020-25 Physicians Services Master Agreement.
  • Recognize the details of financial initiatives and programs negotiated in recent agreements in other jurisdictions across Canada.
  • Identify emerging priorities for physicians across the country and in NB.

NBMS Governance Review and Best Practices Session

Tim Ross, NBMS General Counsel, Dr. Ann Collins, Chair, NBMS Governance Review Committee and Dr. Carl Boucher, Vice Chair, NBMS Governance Review Committee

Today’s health care system is undergoing constant and dynamic change. The New Brunswick Medical Society is constantly evolving as a member services organization tasked with negotiating to advance physician priorities and advocating for improvement of the health system. The NBMS is guided and directed by its Board of Directors and the committee structure supported by staff. Strategic objectives of the NBMS are operationalized by physicians appointed to sit on the Board and Committees of the NBMS. All members of the NBMS should have some understanding and comprehension of how to become involved and engaged in the work of the NBMS. Elected and appointed members must also be skilled and knowledgeable in foundational governance matters to effectively contribute and influence the performance of the organization.

This session will examine the many functions, roles and responsibilities that contribute to the proper performance of the NBMS Board and its Committees. Members will be introduced to key areas of governance review recommended by external governance experts and endorsed by the NBMS Board. This session will also provide analysis and synthesis of best practices for organizational governance, and recommendations made by the NBMS Governance Review Committee.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Recall best governance practices as it relates to board composition, corporate governance policies, and committee structure for member services organizations
  • Recognize the governance and decision-making structure required to effectively organize and govern medical associations
  • Identify emerging trends and priorities for governance of provincial and territorial medical associations across Canada
  • Recognize the history and context of the NBMS’ evolving efforts to effectively represent physicians of the province. and

The Future of Primary Health Care

John Maher, Chief of Negotiations and Physician Compensation and René Boudreau, Chief Executive Officer, NBMS  

This session will provide participants with an in-depth review of leading physician-led collaborative care models and remuneration approaches that are currently deployed across Canadian jurisdictions. These will be presented in the context of the Patient Medical Home model and will be the basis for a detailed Q&A an engagement with New-Brunswick family physicians on which model, or combination thereof, would be the best fit for our communities and province. The ultimate purpose of the session is to have a better sense of what would move New-Brunswick physicians to a more collaborative and team-based model of care.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:   

  • Identify the different service delivery models for primary-care physicians currently deployed across the Country and how they measure against the goals and principles of the Patient Medical Home model.
  • Recall the most recent remuneration schemes that have been negotiated and deployed within the Primary Care space across the Country in support of these models.
  • Justify, explain and defend the model which would eventually be chosen to present to healthcare stakeholders and government on their behalf.

Feedback from the first Regional Forums in Saint Andrews and Bathurst has been overwhelmingly positive, and the level of engagement from members has been inspiring. As one attendee put it, “(f)orums have successfully created a safe space for physicians to show their concerns and stories.”

Registration for the remaining three forums in Saint John, Florenceville and Moncton remains open. All members are encouraged to attend one or more of these events and take advantage of the opportunity to connect with colleagues and provide valuable perspectives on health system issues.

I really enjoyed the past two days, being able to speak to people at the NBMS about things that I feel are important. It feels like everyone is listening. There was a lot of constructive discussion. It looks like we are moving in the right direction.”

Regional Forum attendee

Registration Information

The business meetings at the Regional Forums are closed for members only. Spouses, partners, families are welcome to join for meals.

Regional Forum #3  
April 12-13, 2024
Delta Hotels by Marriott, Saint John
To register, click here.

Regional Forum #4   
April 19-20, 2024 
Amsterdam Inn & Suites, Florenceville
To register, click here.

Regional Forum #5
May 3-4, 2024 
Crowne Plaza, Moncton
To register, click here.

Jim Johnson, Communications Specialist