Issue: Spring 2024

As part of the NBMS’s ongoing commitment to creating and enhancing a positive and supportive work environment for its members, a new initiative to help physicians revitalize their gathering spaces within hospitals across the province has been launched by the Society. The “Physician Lounge Improvement Initiative” provides funding to refresh and revitalize physician lounges and other areas within New Brunswick hospitals where physicians gather.

The NBMS will invest close to $2M in this initiative, which recognizes the crucial role that collegiality, communication, and physician well-being play in delivering outstanding healthcare. A comfortable and aesthetically pleasing lounge can enhance the overall work environment, positively impact mood and reduce stress. “It is our hope that these revitalized spaces will increase physician interaction and collaboration; facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences; and create networking opportunities among specialties, which will in turn foster a sense of community among physicians,” said Meaghan Sibbett, Manager, NBMS Wellness. 

Funding for the Physician Lounge Improvement Initiative can be awarded for a single project, or a series of smaller initiatives at each hospital. The NBMS will seek matching dollars where possible but will remain flexible depending on the project’s nature. A maximum of $120,000 per larger hospital and $60,000 for smaller hospitals will be made available to our members.

Proposals are welcome from members across the province. To qualify for funding, the initiative must be approved by the President of Medical Staff and the District President. For more information on this new initiative, click here or contact Meaghan Sibbett at

Nora Lacey, Chief of Physician & Patient Engagement